APNs certificate is not installed

How do I set the APNs certificate is not installed. I never bothered setting up the APN in the Comodo One portal, because I think this is for portal devices, correct? Anyways it keeps alerting/notificationing me that it is not setup and the alerts/notifications are getting annoying. Can someone help me set it up correctly?

@phil.tukey ,

Please follow this process in setting up the APN Certificate which is needed for enrolling MAC and IOS devices https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-788-10259-Adding-Apple-Push-Notification-(APN)-Certificate.html . As of the moment have we forwarded a request to our development team for you to be able to delete the notifications. The current feature on C1 only allows you to mark them as unread and read.

Thank you, for now I will just mark them as read as we do not enroll mobile devices. It would be nice if we could simply just turn that feature off.