Apple bypass codes and escrow keys

Does anyone know how to retrieve the bypass codes required to activate a returned iPhone that has user-based activation lock enabled?

The user was able to turn on “Find My iPhone” before they left the company because there is now way for us to set restrictions in the profiles to prevent that. We don’t have the users password and now the phone is essentially bricked.

In researching the situation on Apple’s website:

The bypass codes and escrow keys that the MDM solution use to manage Activation Lock are crucial to your ability to clear Activation Lock. These bypass codes and escrow keys should be secured and backed up regularly. If a change in MDM vendors is made, make sure that you’re provided with a copy of those bypass codes and escrow keys, or that Activation Lock is cleared for all enrolled devices.

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Can you please provide the admin email address you use to log in to our portal as a private message. so that we can create a support ticket and analyze your request.

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