Apple Configurator Enrollment URL


Does Comodo provide an enrollment URL for apple configurator?

If yes, where can I locate it and the steps to set it up in server settings.

If not, where can I submit a feature request.


Hello @SysAshraff
In the Comodo ONE (C1) platform, there is no option to enroll the Apple Configurator. But an iOS device configured (in Supervised mode or not) with the Apple Configurator can still be enrolled as the ITSM Profile that will be assigned to the iOS device will complement it.

You start with generating an APN certificate to allow enrollment of any iOS (and Mac OSX) endpoints in your C1 portal. Once that is done, set up the iOS device in Apple Configurator and then enroll it to your C1 portal. You can further refine the settings on the iOS device by configuring the profile assigned to it.

+1 we need this

Here is a blog I found how we can supervise device with Apple configurator 2 tool: