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We see that the website already talks about the Mac management with Device Manager. Is this already rolled out/in-testing? We do not recall the announcement here yet.

MDM For Mac Now Available
Mobile device management (MDM) tools rarely focus on Mac and instead focus on Windows operating systems. However, that has now changed. More and more companies are offering this option, as is Comodo. We believe that every computer and network should have the proper device management system in place, and we strive to provide that option for our users.
The capabilities you will receive include:

  • VPN and Wi-Fi configuration
  • Password and passcode requirements
  • Email configuration
  • Authentication certificates for apps, devices and users
  • Remote wipe and lock features
  • Removal of company data when the Macs are retired
While the OS X server also provides those same capabilities, IT departments must have separate servers for Macs and a different server to manage other devices on the network. Their tool doesn't provide as many capabilities as ours, either.

Hello @ymi

The MAC Management feature will become available in Q2.

For the moment this is the list of the supported platforms:


4.x (KNOX)
5.x (KNOX)



Windows ( Workstation Edition )

Windows XP (SP3 or higher) x86
Windows 7 x86
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8 x86
Windows 8 x64
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 10 x86
Windows 10 x64

Windows ( Server Edition )

Windows 2008 Server R2
Windows 2012 Server R2

Thank you.

We are aware of the supported platforms (win/ios/android) but find it very strange that new platform is being announced PUBLICLY that is currently NOT available/working. Just find it very surprising about that. Somebody should have caught that.

We are doing our best to provide a solution that will protect all the devices that are being used nowadays. Things are moving forward at cyberspeed and these functions will be part of CDM in the near feature.

However, we are sorry for any confusion that might have caused. I’ll bring your concern to the attention of our marketing team.