April 13th Release - Question

Logging into the portal today after the update and I am directed to the dashboard. There is no header navigation any longer. I have a light blue bar with 5 options to create new items, such as: endpoint enrollment, new ticket, new quote, new customer, new opportunity, enroll in bulk. But there is no navigation to the other areas of the application, such as: endpoint management, ticket, and so on. Where did the top navigation go? How do you navigate now?

Please advise as this is a mistake or I am missing something, but navigation of the portal is a big deal.

Hi @rmorton
We suggest logging out of the portal or clear the browser cache / history OR open a private / incognito browser instance. Try logging in using one of the following URLs:

EU region: https://www.itarian.com/app/msp/login

US region: https://us.itarian.com/app/msp/login

There were issues that cropped up after the platform update earlier and we have been informed by the responsible the team that they have been addressed already. If you noticed any other ‘unintended behavior’ after logging in, please reach out to us either at c1-support@comodo.com or at support@itarian.com for further assistance or clarification.

It’s browser cache, had same here and generally get it every upgrade