[April] What's New on Remote Control and Remote Tools?

Hello everyone!

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new release on Saturday (2019-04-13) morning!

The release is expected to take 3 hours to deploy, during that time platform will be under maintenance mode. Post-deployment tests are expected to continue until 4pm EST during which you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us under the release forum post.

Remote Tools

New Features

File Explorer - Folder Support

The remote tools feature lets you browse managed devices, perform folder operations, and transfer folders and files to/from devices through Upload and Download functionalities.

You can find the related wiki here

Remote Control

New Features

File Transfer via Remote Control Application

Use the Remote Control application to transfer files to and from managed devices. Go to the device list to initiate your session.

  • Initiate File Transfer sessions through Endpoint Manager
  • Use the queue panel to queue file transfers and start/stop transfers
  • Create, rename, delete files/folders on the remote device
  • Run File Transfer simultaneously when you are in a Remote Control session.​​​​​​
You can find the related wiki here
    Next for File Transfer:
  • Role based access control, device profile settings, and audit logs.
  • Additional ways to start and manage file transfers (such as drag&drop in remote control session).
Bug Fixes
  • Wrong device status on Endpoint Manager portal and/or Remote Control application, misleading users to initiate a remote connection.
  • Remote Control application returned error while connecting due to an underscore on the customer name which was not supported by the framework standards. The issue is fixed by extending these cases to cover as well.

We look forward to your feedback! Please leave any comments and suggestions below!

Best Regards,

Senior Product Manager


apparently this was the issue.

@msp_security ,

We thank you for giving us your feedback after your test. Glad to know it is working now on your end. :slight_smile:

What is with the “Domain” field at the top of the latest version of the remote control client? This is new, and I’m not exactly sure what to put in there.

Please consult this wiki (specifically step #3.2) @intechtel as to what to put in the ‘Domain’ field.

I did that, and it wouldn’t accept what was in the wiki. Had to enter the full domain including .cmdm.comodo.com only to now get a user/password error (I’m able to use the same credentials on a machine that has the pervious version of EPM that doesn’t require the domain and it works.)

The cause for that @intechtel has got to do with how the ‘user’ was created / added in the platform.

A ‘staff’ can be added through C1 / ITarian’s Management → Staff (on the top navigation bar). A ‘staff’ logs in through the C1 / ITarian portal and the ‘ITarian’ section of the Remote Control app.

A ‘user’ can be added through the Endpoint Manager (EM) → USERS > User List. A ‘user’ logs in through the EM’s ‘domain’ and the ‘Endpoint Manager’ section of the Remote Control app.

Feel free to consult the wiki about creating a new staff or user.

Hi, I have a problem to connect to all my Windows 10 clients. Firewall is disabled and all PC are online but almost always I receive the error: Takeover failed. Specified device is not ready. All PCs are in the same intranet (subnet) with my PC (no firewall or router). Endpoint manager is the last version on all clients (6.27.25138.19040) and also remote control (6.27.25030.19040).
Where may be the problem?

@cquadalti ,

We have encountered some interruptions yesterday in regards to the remote tool being unavailable. However, this should have been addressed. Which portal instance is your account hosted? (one.comodo.com or one-us.comodo.com) We assume that you have no restrictions to our ports and IPs

Portal instance is Europe and yes I have open all ports. Sometimes connection works but
almost always the error message is the one reported. The error message still appears today.
Can grab some log to send you?

Hello @cquadalti

We have created a ticket for you in order to investigate the issue further.

With best regards