Are you monitoring and marketing my users?

Can someone explain this?

I would doubt Comodo would do this, I think it would massively undermine trust for the partners.

…that said it would be good to have a Comodo rep or even @melih himself clarify that. It would certainly be unnerving for partners to know that Comodo could interfere in the relationship with their customers.

I feel exactly the same way (about both your replies). I would like to even see @melih respond to the reddit post; I know he has in the past. The truth is, I want to believe that’s not happening, but like you said, I’d feel a little better getting a response from either Melih or someone at Comodo.

I will tell you that I have been using C1 since very close to their introduction, and I have never had this happen to me. They have never tried to take any of my customer, or try to up-sale them anything. They may of tried to up-sale me, but never one of my clients.

Same. This is probably a misunderstanding but it would be good to have a clear statement on this sort of thing from the top Comodo brass just to put rumours like this to rest. I push Comodo all the time to colleagues (other MSPs I’m friendly with, but also their products for non-MSP purposes) so it would be good to knowing that I can continue doing this with a clear conscience in terms of ethical business practices.

Would be nice to have an official statement on this one, im aware of Comodo having somewhat questionable issues in the past but nothing like this.

I seem to think that this question has been addressed before, but I can’t remember for sure.

@kuahara and everyone else,

We value our relationships with our MSP Partners and would never call or reach out to any of their clients. Our goal is to assist our MSP Partners and help them grow their businesses and service their clients.

We would never do that!!! NEVER!!!

Over 50% of the SSL market is Comodo’s. Its most likely that their customers are already buying ssl from us. In reality, this guy should have opened up a reseller account and started providing SSL to his customers, this way he could make money from Comodo while using our free C1 platform.

We can only take the horse to water…

@melih Thanks for the follow up. As I said earlier, this isn’t something I wanted to believe and your explanation for how that probably happened sounds quite reasonable. Understand that I did have to ask, though. Like others have said: When something that ordinarily costs lots of money comes along for free, it makes people question where the catch is; where the monetary incentive for a company like Comodo to come along and offer the same services for free. I understand that money is made in the app store, but I’ll admit the very first thing I suspected before looking into this platform was data mining. When a user came along claiming that’s what happened, I had to ask.

My apologies for putting you on the defensive.

no worries :slight_smile: the funny thing is, we wouldn’t know what to do with the data even if we mined it :slight_smile: we are not an advertising company like google or facebook…Our Antivirus department would automatically mark our product as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) :). Our own engineers would be up in arms! We have been developing and contributing to worldwide standards and building tools and making them open source and so on…we are here to help!

Our model is pretty simple, we build amazing security technologies, from Antivirus to DLP, from SIEM to Antispam… So by building a great IT Management platform like C1, we create a market place and appstore for other providers as well as for our own products. Thats how we make money, by earning your trust so that you will hopefully buy our security products.