Are your small businesses questioning charges because Comodo is "free"?

I am just getting started, but expect to onboard my first client before end of year. I have looked at several RMM tools, and a concern I have about the Comodo One RMM client. Since it can’t be rebranded, have you had any small business clients google COMODO and find that they market a “FREE” monitoring tool?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, yes the program is FREE, but your time isn’t. and the CCS (antivirus) isn’t free.

if you bundle the AV, RMM, Monitoring, Dome Shield web monitoring, ETC.

You are still looking and supporting them, so you use a free RMM tool ??? if you didn’t you could double the costs to them!!!

So true!

We used to use Autotask AEM :frowning:
Cutting our costs was the best thing for our clients, and as you get a lot of free tools with C1 the customer feels loved too as you can increase your offering. Then if they like the basic offering you can look at upgrading to the pro versions which is not free etc.

I’m honest with my clients that the tools are free. But just as dittoit and StrobeTech said, your time isnt. I think by explaining that you can build trust. Unfortunately there are many out there that would overcharge and hide that fact in order to increase their profits, but if the client finds out…watch out. I think Comodo’s point in making this free is to help MSP’s build their services, while being able to upsell paid Comodo products. So focus more on how your service is beneficial and how much better it is for the customer if your managing it for them. I find it a great way to give customers a kind of managed services “trial” to see if they like your service. The cost of a labtech or Autotask really inflates your cost and the customers. So far C1 is fairly “unknown” to most MSP’s out there, but that wont last very long especially as C1 improves feature wise.