ASAP Need to remove a client that isnt communicating

I have a customer that is 3 months non-pay and won’t speak with me. I need to offboard him but his comodo communications client is not communicating and therefore will not self remove nor run any scripts.

I need to remove the agent & the AV. If I just delete the PC in the device manager, will that work?


Hi @nnsit
The removal of the EM client/agent and the AV can be performed either through manual removal on-site or through the EM Device List. On the EM Device List, when you decide to delete the device, you will have the option to uninstall these two software before you confirm your action. Now, the uninstall action will only take effect IF the endpoint-to-be-deleted is still able to communicate with the EM server. IF that is not currently possible, it will be up to the endpoint’s user to remove them manually.

I also believe if an Endpoint is removed it stops the ability for it to connect to download updates.

It also stops the Endpoint running scripts or alerting you to problems.

These actions I believe to be true if deleted and told to remove.

Already said the CCS is not communicating so removal through EM is not possible. And client won’t speak with me so onsite removal is not an option, and he is not going to remove it himself.

Yes, I think this is my only remaining option. It is unfortunate that the software will remain on his PC.

But once they get Internet they will get the command to remove so should not have software soon after

No, because the communications client is not working. That PC has been rebooted and back online about 20 times since I issued the command to remove (repeatedly) to no avail.

Oh, if CCC broken then yeah, bit stuck on that front.

That is unfortunate. As what @StrobeTech and you have realized already, the Comodo software is stuck on that end user’s device. As long as you have done your part (out of personal and professional courtesy), it will be your former client’s responsibility to worry about them.

Wouldnt removing it from the device list be good enough at this point? If the CCC is broken it would have to be removed manually on site. If the client wont talk to him, he obviously doesnt care that its there. So if he removes it from the device list thats all he would have to do. If it’s broken it’s not getting any updates, so the end-user isn’t getting anything anyway. If it ever does start working oh, wouldn’t it then get the command to remove. I would just say remove it from the list and not worry about it again

Problem is that CCC and CCS have their own update engines; so CCS can still update and work without CCC working.
On the plus side, tell them that by not removing the software break Comodo Licensing and you will be reporting them for illegal use of their software might turn their heads to remove it

If it ever does start working oh, wouldn’t it then get the command to remove.

I could be wrong but in my experience, the command doesn’t sit in a queue waiting to run if the target node is offline when the command is issued.
I have had several machines that I issued commands to that were offline laptops, and never ran them when they were turned on 2-3 days later.

This is unfortunate. I would love for this to be implemented as a feature (and to be able to see & edit such a queue).


Hi @nnsit,

Our product management team is aware of your request (Ability to see queued procedure for devices) and is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will notify for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

Thank you.