Assets, Users and other info Report

On the Device Management Screen on ITSM, is there a way, by company to print or make a pdf report of the device list with which user is on which machine and possibly even OS and other info in the report
I know this may already be a function but I cant seem to find it

Thanks in advance

My colleague tried to do this and had to export the data for all endpoints on C1 - there was no easy way to produce a report for just one customer. He then filtered the data in Excel using the format of PC name for our client we needed the report for.

So I guess the question is can Comodo support simplify this in a future release or is there another way that already exists?

Hi @jtlogic
Currently, there is no easy way to acquire this report and even have it in PDF format. There is though an already existing request for such a feature in the developers roadmap. Let me add you in the loop so that we can inform you as soon as the feature goes live in the C1 platform.

OK that will be great. I’m sure as an MSP many companies would desire to have this feature in an easy to access menu. It will be beneficial in discussing reviews with clients and keeping machines organized.

@Rick_C Please inform me too when this goes live. Surely it can’t be that hard for a client to be added to the report?

Hi @nct
We’ve just included you in the loop for this specific feature request.