Attention MSPs: Get Your Zero-Cost License for Comodo Dome Shield

In case you have not already heard the news, this is to let you know that you can now get a free license for Comodo Dome Shield, our DNS-based web security as a service offering.

Dome Shield blocks access to malicious websites and provides web domain filtering capability, along with detailed reporting and analytics. As an MSP, you can use Dome Shield as the basis for services that you provide to your customers. Think of it as baseline protection from web-borne threats.

You will find that Dome Shield is extremely easy to deploy. It’s as simple as configuring the customer’s DNS settings to point to Comodo—which you can do in a matter of minutes. With the latest release of Comodo Dome Shield, you can also manage multiple end-customer instances of Dome Shield from a single instance of the Comodo ONE console. Dome Shield provides a great way to get started with the Comodo Dome platform.

You can claim your free license when you log in to Comodo ONE, where you will be asked to agree to the Comodo EULA. After you do, you will find your free license is active within Comodo ONE. You can also learn more about the Dome Platform by visiting the product web page.

Vernon Shure
Director, Product Marketing