Audit logs events

Is there a way to have a Audit events select dashboard to be able to add/disable what events are logged in Portal.

For example, it would be good to have logs for:

  1. Device enrollment/Device delete action.
  2. Device profile add/change/delete.
  3. Customer add/change/delete.
  4. EM user add/change/delete.
  5. Service desk user add/change/delete.
  6. Role create/change/delete.
  7. Report create/change/delete.
  8. All export activities.
  9. Change device owner.
    10 Change device ownership.
  10. Profile/Alert/Monitor/Procedure create/change/delete.

All logs should contain relevant data, for example, date/time, C1 user name, object on which something has been done (e.g. Report or Device), action (add/change/delete), action description.

To be honest, all major activities events are appreciated if you manage a team of technicians.

Also, it would be good to have event time (HH:mm) in logs in addition to date.

Hello @msp_security,

We appreciate for sharing the idea for the product improvement. We have relay your request to our product development team for them to review and analyze your request. We will keep you posted with the update via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you