Audit of adim activity in Comodo Remote Control

I would like to request a new feature, or updated feature, that allows us to audit activity when connecting to a computer using CRC. In other applications I have seen the ability to show what the user did when they connected using remote control. In some cases it actually recorded the screen so you could see everything that was being done. Even if that is down the road it would still be beneficial if there was an audit report that showed each time CRC was used to connect to a remote computer.

To give some background on why this is being requested. I have a customer that is being audited as part of Sarbanes Oxley compliance. One of the requirements is to show a log of every time a third party support company accesses their systems. In particular they are interested in when the support company accesses file share computers that have accounting documents or when they access the domain controller. Anything that has to do with permissions or with accounting needs to be controlled, or recorded.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hello @integratednetworksol ,

Thank you for your message!

ITarian / Comodo ONE platforms already provide audit logs for Remote Control sessions.

Please find the how to guide here:…emote-sessions

Same functionality is available for File Explorer sessions including which file is downloaded from remote device along the path information that it is downloaded from under the same report described above today.

Furthermore, we have Screen Recording for Remote Control sessions on the roadmap, it is rather a longer term item currently. Our support team can add you to our contact list for this request and inform you once this is available on production.

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Remote Control and Tools

Hi @BegumB but what we still need is screen recording of sessions.

Hello @nct

Absolutely!! It is on the roadmap and we are running there :slight_smile:

Time scales?

Thanks for the response. I was looking at Management -> Audit Logs and not seeing it there. I didn’t realize the Dashboard Audit Logs held different information.
This will help me for now but definitely would like to know when the screen recording capability is available.

This is a midterm item on the roadmap, it translates to 6-12 months time frame.


Product Manager,
Remote Control and Tools

One last question on this subject, at least for now.
Is there a way to export this audit log? I am able to see the log but I don’t see an option to export it. This would be especially helpful after applying the filter.

Hello @integratednetworksol
With the current build of the Endpoint Manager (ITSM), it is not yet possible to export the filtered audit log results. This feature is planned to be implemented later as part of the mid-term items in the product roadmap. You will have to do the manual copy+paste method for the mean time.

Hi to all,
in my company we’re evaluating ITarian as RMM Platform to manage all our customers but one of the biggest problem is that we cannot export audit log and we cannot filter it by customer. This is a requirment for the GDPR law, without it we cannot use it to remote manage customers devices.

Is it possible, at least, insert the customer as a filter while we are waiting for the export feature?


Hello @softwaresolutions ,

Thank you for your message!

Exporting Audit Logs is planned for 2019Q1 (Either January or February).

I’ll relay this request to my colleague to see what can be done as an improvement for customer information to be added to the audit logs view.
As a next step, our support team will create new feature request for this improvement suggestion and will get back to you with the timeline.


Product Manager,
Remote Control and Tools

Please keep me update too @BegumB

@nct Surely!