[August] What's New on ITSM Patch Management?

Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases for the Comodo ONE platform this Saturday (08/11/2018)!

Notes about the platform update:
Once it starts, the platform will be on maintenance mode for 4 hours (early hours of the day, US Eastern time). We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

Here are the new features!

• Operating system patch list. The list can be refreshed showing available updates in the inventory. Users can now update the OS patch inventory from a device whenever needed.
You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.

Help videos added. Tutorial videos which explain patch actions are now available. Designed to help businesses quickly understand the power of our patch manager, topics include “How to create
a custom patch procedure”, “How to check patch status and deploy them to devices”, and more.
You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.

Always happy to hear from you!