Auto deploy patches

I am struggling to find where to automatically install patches at a certain time each day on my windows devices
could anyone help

Thank You

You need a procedure. Once setup attach that to a profile :wink:

Sheldon see steps below I hope they help.

Friday, May 25, 2018

1:54 PM

  • Go to ITSM
  • Click on Configuration Templates
  • Click on Profile
  • Create or clone and edit a current profile to your configurations
  • Next, go to Procedures
  • Click on Predefined Procedures
  • Click on Patch Deployment Folder
  • Click on Patch maintenance
  • Clone and save it to you My Procedures folder
  • Now go to you My Procedures folder and click on the procedure you created.
  • From there you can edit your patch management procedures.
  • After you are done go back to configuration templates and then profiles.
  • Click on the profile you created earlier.
  • Select Add profile section and add procedures.
  • Now select procedures and add the patch management procedure you just create and set your scheduled time.
  • Once this is done and saved you should be in good shape

Hi @sheldon1, here is a help link that you may use:

Thank you for you help,

The only patch that wont install and fail on every computer every time is:
Definition Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602

Is there any way I can fix this


We’ll reach you via support ticket to assist you further on your issue.

I have had this same problem for a long time. Apparently it isn’t a comodo problem. They just tell me to install manually but then the next ones fail. Given up…

I am going to try add a setting to group policy to call out for this update every hour, then reduce this until I find the right amount.
Hopefully this may get rid of the yellow triangle if the update is installed or the version above is installed. ?


Please keep us posted on the test that you’re going to try and we’ll inform our developers also.

I think the update is produced daily.