Auto-generate device ID

We print stickers for customer’s PCs. Please add to device info “Sticker No” field. It must have format:


Where CUSTOMER_ID - customer id :slight_smile: (also need such field at customer profile), and XXX - device number at this customer.
Also be great if C1 will generate printable list of customers stickers.

Do you think custom naming would help?

We can automate that in the future.

This field we use as device description. And additional to this we need Ticket No field for stickers. And it must be autogenerated using Customer ID. Now when we take to service new PC we goto to customer’s devices list, look which last number and then creating new sticker number.

Hello @Sergey ,

Let me summarize the request to make sure that we understand the feature correctly:

  • When you add a new device to ITSM, ITSM should generate a random DeviceID based on the CustomerID (e.g. CustomerID-Random Characters/Digits).
  • When you open a ticket in ServiceDesk, you should be able to select the DeviceID/Device Name in the ticket body and that ticket number should show up under DeviceID in ITSM