Auto log collection for service crashes - How do I find this feature in ITSM/CCS?

How do I find this new feature in ITSM/CCS?

Auto log collection for service crashes have been implemented to reduce the time spent after any problematic cases.

Hi @nct,

Later in the day, we will have someone from the product team send updates on these new features.

Similar to our previous releases in this forum thread:

Thank you.

Hi @nct

this is implemented as to be automated. You don’t need to do anything. Development team automatically will be notified about issue and causes. They will start implementing the fix…

To clarify, is running cisreporttool for non-virus related issues no longer required? Also, please could you confirm what data is automatically submitted to Dev.

Hi @nct ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

Hello @nct,

As per our development team, CCS logs, Diagnostic report, Windows event logs, msinfo32, dumps (if exists), CCS config, versions of ITSM agent and CCS are the data that is automatically submitted to Devs.