Automated emails from this forum fail SPF check

When sending a password reset, our mail filtering dropped the message for failing SPF:

Envelope From Address:
Client Address: [] does not specify as a permitted sender (and the reverse dns means it can't pass via the ptr flag either - and, by the way, you should not be using ptr - see RFC7208 s5.5).

You’ll want to audit and update the SPF record for accordingly.

The issue you raised has been escalated. We will send you a reply as soon as we have a resolution.

We would like to ask if the issue with the automated emails is still persisting as of this posting?

Since which posting? Since yours? Nothing has changed since I posted, so yes, the issue persists. I just tried a fresh password-reset email, and it still came from [] which is still not permitted by the SPF record for

Hello @netcalibre ,

Thanks for the update, we will continue to work with this issue and we will send you an email as soon as we have the resolution.

Thank you for your patience.