Automating Printer Discovery

I’m trying to get customer networks nice and documented (in general) but specifically for the things Comodo Helpdesk can assist with at level 1/2. One of those tasks would be fixing Printer issues.

I’ve tried spiceworks to do an inventory, and… well I remember it working better in the past than it does today.

Short of going to the site and checking every mac address (I will do this eventually anyway though) – any body have any suggestions on how I could use a Procedure in Comodo One to basically dump all configured printers from selected workstations to a single file on a share (ideally in CSV format :slight_smile: to aid in the discovery and documentation process?

The printers aren’t served through a print server/AD, they are either USB direct connected (like a label printer) or networked but drivers directly installed on workstations.

So having a dump of each workstation and the printers it’s “sees” would be great to import into Excel/LibreOffice Calc and manipulate.

Hello @indieserve ,

We already coordinated this suggestions/idea including your post here
to the script writers and we`ll send you an update as soon as possible.