AV Says needs to reboot

I have several systems that say that a reboot is required for the AV. I have rebooted several times, I have clicked on the click here to fix button, I have removed the program through the rmm using the removal tool and rebooted, I upgraded to the latest version, as I try to hold back at the latest stable version, still has the ! wanting to reboot??

EDIT: I should also mention that it shows the correct version in the rmm.

OK, I was looking into it some more, and noticed that is shows as all secure, and the shield is green, in Group Management View, but says it needs attention in Device management view, and the taskbar icon on the system itself has the !, is yellow, and says it needs rebooted??

Anyone listening??


A support ticket #4613899 was created by our backend team to investigate the issue.

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