Azure VM Comodo 100% CPU Issue


We have 40+ virtual machines in Azure running Windows 10.

On a number of these virtual machines, Comodo eats up 100% cpu until the virtual machine is restarted within Windows. If the virtual machine is stopped (deallocated) and started, Comodo will eat up 100% cpu until Windows is restarted. We have also had several issues with Comodo causing the virtual machine to disconnect a remote desktop user constantly until Comodo is reinstalled. I have the Comodo firewall turned off.

Please help. If these issues are not resolved, I will be forced to find a new endpoint protection system.

Do you have DLP enabled?

No, I don’t have DLP enabled

Hi @NickN,

Sorry for the trouble caused. We have created support ticket in your registered forum email address to investigate the issue, please provide requested details.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,