Backup bugs

Started backup. PC gone to sleep mode during backup. After wake up backup process stoped with error. And I can’t repeat it. Recovery console shows 15% ready (even after few reboots), whenn selecting PC in Acronis web console - pressing link Cancel backup, see text Stopping backup… It was 25 minutes ago…

Can’t cancel last backup. It hangs.

See red alert window:
ASYNC: Unidentified job.
TOL: An activity with ID = ‘87E413D5-44D4-4D38-9CB4-8C94765B86F1’ cannot be found.
Код ошибки 0x00F90004+0x0135000D
17 Июнь, 2017, 17:20

Hi @Sergey
A ticket has been created for this concern. We will contact you via email to troubleshoot the issue further.