Backupassist Monitor


I would like a script to monitor backupassist jobs. I believe it uses the following event logs

ID 5633 - completed successfully
​​​​​ID 5635 - completed with warnings
ID 5634 - failed

It would also be good to monitor the 3 services are running and start them if not not?

Service: wBackupAssist
Service: zBackupAssistService
Service: zBackupAssistUpdateService

Hopefully this is ok?

That gets my vote too.

I have added the script to monitor automatic services which then covers the backup assist services. But the event log notifications would be great? Not sure if there is already a something that can monitor specific events?

@fenno182 ,

Would this suffice your query?

Yes that dos look good. i just can;t seem to get it to work. Ill keep trying though. I’m new to this but really loving the platform.

@fenno182 ,

We will coordinate with our Script Developers in seeking additional information to have this setup work for you.

@fenno182 ,

Please utilize the attached .json script file to monitor Backup job. The script will hit alert if backup attains success, failure or completed with warning.

Below is the script to monitor event id:

20190304-serve_bckp.json (12.6 KB)