Backups constantly failing or getting stuck

|When running backups, I run a full backup to external hdd and then replicate to the cloud. The initial backup is always successful but replicating to the cloud is ALWAYS a problem. Initially the replication was failing constantly with different errors each time. To resolve this I created a new backup job, to a new destination folder on the external hdd, and had to delete all exiting data that was in the cloud. Since then I’ve had one successful backup with replication to the cloud also completing successfully, but now, the backups complete to the hdd as always but replication always stops at 5%(44.1mb)… What does it take to get successful replication working other than a miracle?

Too add to this, if I connect to the workstation that is being backed up, I can see that data is being uploaded but the counter never update and the total used data in the cloud never increases.

@providingit We’re sorry that you’re having a problem on Acronis. We’ll send you an email on how to get the logs.