Bad Gateway - Too Often

We are getting a Bad Gateway error in the RMM tool way too often. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just us?

Hi @dhaysley
We currently do not experience any ‘Bad gateway’ error on our side here in C1 Support.

Is it just on the ‘RMM’ section that you encounter this difficulty or do you experience this also on other parts of the EM (or C1 portal)? How about non-C1 sites?

Hi, I’m getting
“server return error with code undefined” on the EM remote tool & “connect ECONNREFUSED” on EM

Any ideas please…………….

back online now………………………

Hi @torkekhq ,

Good to hear that. Please let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.

Hi @torkekhq ,

Good to hear that. In case you experience again the same issue, please let us know. Thank you.

Nothing experienced here, but have over the last couple months been logged out regularly during a day

Yes, happens to me a lot, I usually have to delete the cache, and try again, usually in Chrome, as that is what I use the most.

It is happening more and more lately.

I’m experiencing the same thing as well on the US server currently – 502 Bad Gateway when trying to open the Endpoint Manager.

To everyone affected by this situation:
The backend team has pinpointed an issue with the SSO (Single Sign-on) component that caused the ‘502 Bad Gateway’ message on some C1 / ITarian users. They have already taken steps to remedy the situation and to prevent repeat incidents. Please reach out to us if you are still experiencing this issue.

To the users who were affected by the ‘502 Bad Gateway’ or ‘white screen’ situation:
The backend team has found a fault in the SSO (Single Sign-on) component of the C1 / ITarian platform. They have already made steps to remedy the situation and prevent repeat incidents. Please reach out to us if you still are affected by this issue. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

It seems that the mistakes really disappeared, thanks!

Thank you. I have not received a bad gateway notification over the last couple of months.

@dhaysley ,

We are glad to hear from your feedback .:slight_smile:

Indeed this has improved greatly, good work team!

I get the bad gateway and extremely slow connection to this forum frequently.
Not the same thing I know.

@smartcloud ,

Indeed there are slowness and interruptions reported earlier. We have communicated with our forum administrator to have this issue resolved immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Its been a month and this is the slowest forum on the internet.
What is the plan to resolve this?

We indeed have issues with the access and navigation of the ITarian forums with the past few weeks. Rest assured that the responsible team are working on a definite solution to the situation.