Bad layout

  1. Cropped device name
  2. Customer’s email worst than organization name (maybe make 2 lines with smaller font size?)
  3. Broken menu line
  4. No comments :slight_smile:

And more - at device page we cant see “Update antivirus base” button, so we must goto to another section, find again this device and then press this button.

Hello @Sergey

We are not experiencing the same issues as you reported. It is true that that using a smaller browser window (or simply a smaller monitor) does seem to narrow the text and then you will need to hover the mouse over it to see it, but can you please answer these questions for a better circumstance report?

  • what browser have you used for this test
  • what resolution are you using ?
    -also, is it possible to tell us the diagonal of the monitor?
    Thank you.

Firefox, Chrome. 19’ 1280x1024

I always have this issue, unless I am on my 60 inch monitor

Hello @Sergey , @BOSS ,

Layout issue for the Security Sub-Systems > Antivirus section will be corrected as soon as possible.

Can I also add that I get this with the procedures screen as well, the navigation pane at the side of that screen takes up about a 5th of the space and the causes all the names to be truncated and I find that sometimes I don’t get the name pop up when hovering which makes it hard sometimes to find a procedure

Hello @dougaust ,

We will investigate this problem as well.

Would be good to be able to hide the navigation pane to free up the screen space

Hello @dougaust ,

This is already possible:




Sorry should have been clearer, the folder selection pane, as you can see it hides most of the procedure name, if I could hide that when I am not selecting a folder that would help. The other thing would be if the table just expanded to show the full name and had a scroll across that would help

Hello @dougaust ,

We will forward this improvement as well.