Bad Patches Causing Reboot Loops - Prevention?

Hi there,

I was wondering if Comodo could implement automatically creating restore points before each Windows batch of patches are applied (specifically for servers, though maybe across the board), in addition to better post-patch reboot alert/management (I think there is already something in there about this).

I had a server go into a bootloop due to a bad MS patch, I ended up having to restore it from a month old backup since the patches were still ‘pending’ for a a couple weeks and would immeidate apply upon booting the restored image and then bootloop. Luckily it was an application server and had no data on it (was all database driven) … but this would have been a real pain in almost any other situation. I had tried all the DISM stuff I could find to try to fix the issue as well.

Anyway, other suggestions to prevent this sort of situation would be welcomed, but I just want to ensure I always have clean backup/restore points periodically, creating a restore point before any patches are applied to me seems like the way to go, no? So this would be nice to have automated in Comodo Patch Management. (as well as a reboot notification in device management but I think this feature request is already on the roadmap).


Ahh… I see there are procedures for doing this… has anyone sorted out a best practice for automating their SERVER patching with Comodo One that they would like to share?

As you indicated @indieserve, using a procedure to initiate the creation of a restore point before using the Patch Management can be the better route to take. Some would prefer to utilize a scheduled custom patch procedure after the creation of the restore point instead of doing it through the PM.