Basic licence IT and Security Manager

Hi, i’m sorry for my english. I’have problem about my licence option. I have basic licence of comodo MDM but i don’t know how i can renew my licence.
(2016/11/25 10:09:07 AM) expired.
Thanks a lot.


Please open a ticket with the Support department by sending an e-mail to We can help with the renewal process.

Thanks a lot i’have send a ticket.

FOLLOW-UP - Please define “Users” as that is what has changed from unlimited to 200. Is the limit also making it 1 user per node as well? Need to understand how widespread this impact from unlimited to 200 really is. LMI did the same thing to it’s free users and I was one of those and jumped ship immediately after. Can’t stand whole “Never said it would be free for forever” statements.

Hello @azon2111

It seems there’s a misunderstanding. Let me first make something very clear. ITSM module which consists of ITSM Basic License is FREE of cost for a LIFETIME to all of our MSP partners. There are three different types of ITSM licenses available to our partners:

ITSM Basic - This includes all the management capabilities of ITSM and 1 month free trial of our Advanced Endpoint Protection. (Which is what you receive automatically when you register to Comodo One MSP.) (FREE)
ITSM Premium - Includes all the management capabilities, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Basic Valkryie (Subscription Based Paid Service)
ITSM Platinum - Includes all the management capabilities, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Premium Valkyrie (includes human expert analysis). (Subscription Based Paid Service)

Please review the image below.

I do apologize for the confusion. The selection you see “ITSM Subscription Basic Edition for SMB (200 Users)” is for SMB’s purchasing directly. It’s not for our MSP Partners. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,
Cigdem Tepeli
Comodo One Management Team


Okay so to be clear then the license for ITSM basic is automatically provided to us in C1 portal regardless of this old licensing model? As I recall we had to get a license like valyrie lite to get the free version.

Hello @azon2111 ,

Yes, the ITSM license is created whenever someone subscribes for Comodo One. The ITSM being a module in C1, it gets “created” and activated when the C1 account creation is completed. It is automatically added in the list of licenses in ITSM.

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There is seems to be a disconnect between what you say, and what is displayed/marketed on pretty much all of your different website pages. I think it’s time to do some sites overhaul and clean up the confusions. And explain the expiring license reactivation process, besides needing to contact support for something that should be automatic already.

Yes indeed. On it.


Yes, ITSM Basic License is obtained automatically when you sign up to Comodo One. It is free for lifetime for our MSP Partners. Once again, I apologize for the confusion and if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for the clarification, sorry to be a skeptic but not my first path down a free solution so I am bit weary way the free line will be drawn or redrawn. Thanks for clarifying.


No need for the apology. =) I can understand your concern and I appreciate you questioning it to get clarification. This way we can build a strong, honest partnership. Your satisfaction and success is our number one priority. We work for our partners and want to see your business grow! That’s our mission. With your feedback and support, we will continue to enhance our solution to better serve you. So, please keep it coming! =)