Battle sheet

Is there a Comodo AEP battle sheet? I’m trying to convince a new customer that Comodo AEP is better than Webroot garbage.

I asked Product Management to provide you with that.
In the meanwhile, I usually ask one question to make the customer realize:

The question: “How will you prevent the infection and damage to your business, when a brand new malware that your current Antivirus does not recognize is allowed in?”

The answer: they cannot prevent the infection and damage from a malware they don’t recognize!

We have many MSPs who tell their customers: "hand on heart, knowing that you will be breached using these traditional AntiVirus products, I have to insist on you having “Active Breach Protection” " .

A brand new malware that an antivirus does not recognize results in “Active Breach”: Comodo is the only company that offers “Active Breach Protection”.

This is why Comodo is different: Any unknown file is automatically run in a virtual containment (container). Any brand new malware we don’t know will automatically run inside this virtual container, therefore not causing infection. We have a huge patent portfolio where our competitors can’t do what we do, without infringing our patents! (Please note, these are heavy reading docs…but explains the whole thing mathematically!) (and in this video…(which ain’t going to make it Hollywood for sure!) I attempt at explaining the technical details) (some case studies)

I am sure our team will provide more information.

hello @libretech ,

We have couple of marketing documents that i can provide to you but because of the size limit of Forum i cant attach to the post.I have sent a Pm to you.

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Product Management Team

Thank you I have responded.

Thank you! I will review.