Be Hosting provider for your customers

NuSEC is a Authorized partner of ITarian and is offering discounts to ITarian MSPs:

NuSEC can provide all your hosting needs.

Unlike traditional webhosting companies NuSEC has innovated a brand new platform that runs website inside Containers, that provides

-Lighting speed (because it is built on an amazing CDN)
-Security and Web application protection (natively built cloud security including DDOS protection, SIEM for your websites and more…World’s first!)
-Container based
-Fully Managed
-Daily backups
-Free migrations
-Multiple Site control panel

Companies like Kinsta charge $25 a month for a container…NuSEC is below $1. This is a due to the technological Innovation that reduces the price point to below $1 while giving you a superior technology and platform.

Containerized Hosting, that creates a paradigm shift boosting performance, speed, security and management.
You dont have to stick on server here or server there anymore, run on anywhere on cloud, no maintenance, 100% availability, be closest location to your clients on the edge - edge computing.
Here is an example of webhosting company selling NuSEC to its customers and how they compare against the others:,

And here are the advantages of the new platform…the-cpanel.pdf

NuSEC, like ITarian is a Partner Centric company. It created its platform to be whitelabelled: Here is an example of a company whitelabelling NuSEC platform .

Now any MSP can open an account (for free), and white label your own hosting platform and start offering world’s best, superior, technologically advanced platform to your customers and start competing with the likes of GoDaddy and the rest!

Signup here to be a NuSEC Partner:

Have you got a service called cloud hosting? I am really interested in a really reliable hosting, however i would prefer for it to be a cloud hosting, as i really need more flexibility and scalability. I just understand that standard server hosting which is only provided on a single server, is already outdated, and is not that efficient as the cloud hosting. In case you have such a service, i would really like to get it. I been wondering if it is possible to get a cloud hosting for a game like minecraft. It is really interesting, how would it work, and the guys at, who provide some of the best hosting for the game, they said that they would actually like to try and settle up such a thing.

Yes we have fully managed container based cloud hosting. Initially we support only Wordpress but we will extend it to other CMSs as well.
Please check the details here

I tried to sign up for the free partnership, but it says invalid user parameters, but there were green checks by it all.

If you are using Comodo account email, that might be the problem.
Please use another email if you can.

I am using my comodo account?? I thought this was supposed to be a partnership, I do not want to use 15 different emails for all this??

I tried again, with a different email address, same issue.

I tried again, and still can not get it to work!!

I think it is the password you chose. Your password should be least 8 characters in length and contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one punctuation character.

I tried again with a password that meets all the criteria, it says that the CAPCHA expires before it finishes??

It worked today, same info I was trying yesterday. Thanks!!