Best way to "reassociate" Endpoints?

Had a weird issue this morning with my own machine after doing a reboot - my Communication client forgot where the RMM server was, and I had to download a new “Enroll Device” package and run the executable. After a super long install, it figured out where the server was and all was well.

Was this just a glitch? How often are folks seeing this in the wild? Is there a better way to “reconnect” Endpoints that I’m just not seeing?

Thanks in advance and hope everybody is having a great weekend.

It is possible that the EM client encountered some sort of ‘network communication interference’ (requests failed to reach the EM server within the expected time, ISP issues, etc.). For readily accessible endpoints (like your own machine), restarting the ‘ITSMservice’ in the Services control panel is enough to forcibly refresh the ‘client-server connection’.

If the above does not work, click enroll new device and get the instructions.

Scroll near the bottom and it provides token, server etc which you can enter into your clients pop up box to solve the issue.

Rick & Robin, those are excellent suggestions - I will give them a try if this happens again. Cheers to you both!