Beta Environment for March Release

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that the Beta environment is available with new features which have been prepared for March release. Now you can go ahead and try them! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to make Comodo ONE better and better everyday!

Click on below link to try new features!

Best Regards,
Comodo ONE Product Management Team

Hi @BegumB

Very quick initial feedback:

  1. I am seeing this error on the beta site, is it anything to be concerned about?
    You have exceed the maximum number of users allowed by your license (0). Please purchase additional licenses by clicking the following link. You can see your license details using the following link
  2. The version number is not showing in the top right of ITSM anymore.
  3. There is no update tab on ITSM default Templates.

Hi @nct ,

We have received your feedback and sincerely appeciate it!

Your findings are relayed to the team; team will contact you as soon as possible.


502 Bad Gateway


Similar issue here now.

Also, @BegumB will the redesign allow ITSM to display properly on mobile devices?

ok I’m in !!! WOW that’s changed !!

Comodo seem to love rebranding/redesigning front ends :slight_smile:

Again, I am unable to login to the demo portal.

I can log into my portal O.K and the ( which is not the new release ) but nothing on !!

I have tried both my accounts and after entering my username and password as normal I get an error message stating ’ Comodo License Account login or password is wrong. Please try again. ’ :frowning:

And if I select ’ forgot password’ when I enter either of my emails on the next screen it comes back as ’ Login is wrong, please try again ’ :confused:


We have tried replicating your issue and was able to log in to, and

Just tried again and can log into, but not :confused:

It was the same with January’s preview.

Hi @nct ,

Thanks for testing the demo portal. I can answer for the ITSM related ones:

  1. The issue was detected also on the internal test environment. It will be fixed.
  2. Environment configuration issue. The new profiles with name V6.16 was not pushed to demo environment. It will be fixed.

New design is implemented for C1 Portal for now. New design will be applied to all modules one by one. ITSM will be redesigned in the next releases in the future.

@bob-sawyer @ttsi ,

We have communicated with our developers about the issue you have reported. We will provide a response to you via support email for some additional information we might need in troubleshooting the issue.

@bob-sawyer Hi, is a special environment that is prepared prior to each release and have the upcoming release content. Please register as a new user and be aware that production environment user credentials and demo environment credentials would be always separate.

But and any other arbitrary alternative like etc are all redirected to (the live, production environment) Please do not get confused.

Best Regards

I only have one PC linked to the beta version, but have noticed that Clean Endpoint won’t download through CCS. Please could you look into this. My router isn’t showing it being blocked, but I don’t have time to investigate in great detail.

Hello @nct,

We have escalated your reported case to our development team. We will report back to you shortly.
Thank you for your patience.

Is the Demo down ?

We are sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.

cant sign in?

Hello @dittoit ,

Please try to access it now.

Yes, back up but very slow.

Nope back out again…

Hello @dittoit ,

It should work normally now.
Please try again.