BETA Program

Hi everyone,

We would like to share the release candidates a week before the actual release with you under this section.

We are running heavy Quality Assurance process on our side but it is always beneficial to see the feedback from actual users of this product, community. Everyone has different running environment that would enrich the test cases for the product. We believe, we can further increase the quality of the delivery with your help.

We will run this program from now on for every feature release. Schedule would be around every 4 weeks and the testing window would be around 1 week.

Program Rules:

  • You can register on once and use it for testing on each release.
  • You can submit feedback through Forum - Preview Section
  • Or you can send an email but subject must include BETA tag (ie: BETA “Can’t update…”) to differentiate the feedback between releases
    • Also, please follow the bug report guidelines for effective and immediate resolution (
Thank you everyone for being part of this community and helping others to have best platform in the world with their inputs!


Hi Ilker,

sounds good.
When we register does this link back to our normal accounts so we can actually use it; or is it full of dummy data or something?


I tested this - it was(is) empty and I had to redeploy a few agents to get ‘live’ data into the system. So far it looks like you can have a system check into the production OR the demo system depending on the MSI used for deplyment


This is only a test account for you to be able to test the feature before they become live. It is not linked with production environment.


is this program no longer active? the site refuses connections?

We would like to direct your attention @jacubillos to the following forum post by one of our Product Managers.

Hi @jacubillos

This is the response I received from support: "If you are still interested in testing new features and fixes in the C1 / ITarian platform before they get rolled out to the live production servers, feel free to sign up for an account in the ‘staging’ server. Please visit the following link:

The staging server is the same server that the product development team use to test the updates they plan to release on upcoming monthly platform updates. This staging environment is updated a lot more frequently compared to the demo server. So, please do not be surprised if something works differently from the last time you used it or if the server becomes inaccessible at times."