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How about renaming Comodo ONE to Comodo ONE Beta. It is in actual fact a beta product with beta stability, rather than mask the fact that the product is incomplete and unreliable making it known.

Or at least release a stable and beta channel, ideally with release notes more than 24hrs ahead of when you push a release, maybe a week like every other vendor? As a comparison TrendMicro put notice of feature changes out 4weeks prior to release.

@Joiners there is a separate C1 beta where I’m told the next release will be available first. @Ilker

There is, they have a second instance that you can create. I know ive got one. It does however mean that you have to have an entire second copy of C1 running which isnt ideal.

With the quality, stability and incomplete feature set that C1 currently has it should denote that this is a beta product.

I don’t think I’d call it incomplete or unreliable. Even my feature request I recently posted, most of those things can be done, it’s just about a better UI/UX. I still use the old RMM agent to accomplish a lot of this. C1 is going through an evolution to a full web-based platform. Over a year ago when I started using it ITSM was pretty barebones and it’s come a long way. They leave the old Patch modules and RMM tool active so that you can still do everything you are used to until ITSM is feature complete. And it’s getting there are a breakneck pace. There have been a couple outages lately but they are very quick to get things back online again. I have VPN-able accounts to all customers’ VPNs to get in for this sort of occasion, so it’s just an inconvenience rather than a show stopper. When I used Max for a couple months over a year ago it was certainly not more reliable than C1 is today.

I think that this is the biggest difference between the MSP and Enterprise products, we are using the enterprise offering and there isnt the old RMM module. I signed up for another account as an MSP to test the old RMM and it actually works. Being stuck with the current enterprise offering is a headache, we suffer with significant performance issues 99% of which are related to the ITSM patch management module.

Guys, we are most definitely working on both stability and feature requests both…Its only matter of time when we will have feature parity with the old RMM…and we are putting a lot of effort into putting a lot of code into C1 for stability…over 350 engineers working their backsides off for you guys…day in day out…we are here you…we got you covered!

I dont doubt that the guys are working hard on this, and dont get me wrong we all appreciate what goes in to getting this stuff right. What i dont agree with is not calling this product a beta, its reliability and heavy feature development mean that its often got things that are broken. I could list a significant number of the basic’s which just dont work. I have a large number of tickets open all for similar things. Ive spent over 5hrs on the phone to support just gathering log data which doesn’t appear to of changed anything. My responses to the service desk are a mess now. Im being asked for data that ive already sent in.

Ive started monitoring some of these system myself since the last release and things arent looking good.

I agree with Joners for the simple fact that there are alot of things broken. Beta should be the label.

@Ilker @melih Let me make a suggestion to Comodo. Since there are a few of us (@Joners) with constructive criticism, why don’t you set up a small conference call or webinar where we can have an open discussion rather than discussing this publicly?

Comodo, this is what I’m talking about! Please answer this question for us!

I have another account and it has over 50 endpoints being monitored. I would also like to have a webinar to make sure we are all on the same page. I can’t add my other 300 clients, because of all the issues. Please respond Comodo.

Hi everyone,

We are going to launch a BETA program as we discussed with @nct before. Our aim is to make the features available a week before the actual release over that beta environment so that you can check them yourself and provide more timely feedback to prevent any potential defect.

Our aim is to define the details of this soon. Thank you all for your contributions on this!


Although I don’t mind discussing it publicly, i think a conference call doing things verbally will speed up the idea exchange…(once agreed, we can even make public what is agreed…we are a very open company). Lets do it!

Hi everyone,

I will email you to get your contact details, discuss the beta program and schedule this meeting soon.Please send me direct message if you don’t receive anything from me in a couple of days or if you are not part of this topic but want to join as well.


Hi @Ilker , as discussed please included me on this.

Hi @llker , happy to be part of this too.

@Ilker @melih Any update on the beta testing process, since presumably the next release is a couple of weeks off?

Hi @nct

We are just back from Blackhat. We will launch this before end of the week.


@melih @Ilker I would very much like to be part of the discussion. I was thinking today whether C1 might benefit from a more open source approach. What if instead of just Comodo’s developers working on it there was a larger team, what if Comodo could grow a community of developers around building and using this platform. With so much moving toward software, I think we need to become more than passive consumers of the products we are using. If we are all in that way and all eating our own dog food I think the product would be top notch.

I dont know if Comodo would do this however a solidly run Open Source project could really help Comodo’s reputation in the enterprise space which isnt the best if im honest. Whenever i bring up Comodo or C1 on places like the the reddit sysadmin pages the majority of people are very dismissive or only have negative things to say.