Billing Question

If you select the pay as you go option, (billed after use) are you only billed for only the amount of data that is actually backed up?

For instance, lets say I only have 4 GB backed up would I just be billed about $1 per month for that or are there additional fees or minimums? I was reading about it, but couldn’t figure it out. I want to signup and get things started and start selling my customers on it, but I don’t want to start losing money right out of the gate. I would then turn around and switch to a prepaid deal that is better after I get users on the system.

Following this…

Also, do we understand correctly that it is just backup to the cloud regardless of how much you backup to local storage as in USB and NAS?

Clarification on my question, this is cloud backup.

Hi all,

Yes, if you use 4 GB, you would be charged only for $1.

Also, you can get local or network back-ups as much as you want.

However, our partner has fair usage clause on the agreement and would need to get some money per managed endpoint to keep serving us. So, please use the system with fairness and use cloud back-up as much as local back up to keep your account out of this fair usage quote penalty :slight_smile:

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