BitLocker encrypt C: drive

Anyone have any difficulties running the Bitlocker encryption script?

The script will run successful but I am promoted to restart the machine and then get an error that the OS cannot be auto unlocked?

My main goal is to encrypt the C drive not any other drives and save the recovery key on the C drive and the key will be available in End point manager ( I can see it there when testing the script). After restarting the machine I get an error that the OS cannot be encrypted. Any advice or script changes would be great. Currently using the script found in Italian Encrypt BitLocker, for Windows 10 pro.

Hmmm… I’m not sure if BitLocker allows storing the Recovery Key on the same drive that is being encrypted, maybe that’s why it’s failing…

Yea, I believe saving to the C drive is the issue trying to think of another solution as these machine are not domain joined and users are not domain joined.

Workaround: It can be printed to a PDF printer and so you can store it in a file on the same drive or desktop to retrieve it.

Interesting, would you know where I could find the source code for this?

No, sorry.
But maybe Itarian support can adjust the script with this workaround for you.

Hi @Anon1212,

As @DevoteamEndpointSecu mentioned, We can’t save the Recovery key in the same drive for which we perform Encryption.
As @ailan suggested, we will share this workaround with our script developers and provide you update.

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Yes, if you combine it with a script to install a PDF printer, you can print the key to a PDF file on the desktop to retrieve/ upload/ email.
It has always worked for me like that.