Blank Out Monitor on Client Side During Remote Session

Is there a way to blank out the monitor on the client side while doing remote maintenance? If not, can this be a request?

That is right, a lot of remote software have the option to blank out the screen as well as disable the keyboard and mouse of the local device.

To have this as options to activate during the remote session or have the option to configure this as default as well would be great.

This had already been requested.

Hi @lscomputersystems and @StrobeTech. Kindly specify if this suggestion is for the Old RMM or the New CRC. There is actually an ongoing suggestion to have this functionality to be added to the Old RMM. We can submit a request to our Development Team for the new CRC to have this functionality. We will send you a message to your corresponding emails about this suggestion. Thank you

I hope your not doing anything to the OLD RMM as this at last is dead and being stopped very shortly, I’m on about the New CRC.

Hi @StrobeTech . We would just like to be sure about the suggestion provided that is why we need confirmation before we do any action. I did send you a response to your email about this concern. Thank you.

Yes Damon…

The New CRC…

Edit: Also adding Keyboard and Mouse Lock that @StrobeTech mentioned would be great also!

Hi @lscomputersystems . Thank you for confirming. Please expect an email coming from me about this suggestion. Thank you

Pretty sure it has already been requested to blank the screen.

Yup. I’ve requested that one along with…

File Transfer
Frequently used Procedures Button
Safe Mode ( with networking ) Reboot
Devices listed by groups
Remote input blocking
Device Information (IP/Host name etc)
Remote Screen shot

And some others. :slight_smile:

Hello Gentlemen,

‘New CRC Feature Request : Blank Out Monitor on Client Side During Remote Session’ currently shows on the road-map for implementation in 2018-Q3.
Thank you for your usual support.