blocking websites

Can you block access to certain websites using the CCC?
I tried to block but it did not work.

Can this be done?
If yes, can you refer me to a guide in how to do that?

@smartcloud ,

If you are referring to CCC (Comodo Client Communication) it does not have any option for filtering websites. If you are referring to CCS (Comodo Client Security), A centralized Web filtering Feature manageable through the ITSM Portal is still under development.

We recommend that you perform the ‘website filtering’ through CCS or use Comodo Dome Shield.

Doing it through CCS’s ‘website filtering’ feature, the settings added to the firewall is automated so that you do not need to manually set the other required information. Take note that the initial setup has to be done on one of the endpoints to be ‘filtered’. This will require that you have ‘admin’ access (locally and in the ITSM) to modify the client settings.

Once you are satisfied with the filters, you will have to export the stored configuration. We suggest that you store the exported config file (*.cfgx) somewhere secure and not accessible by the regular user. You will then need to import this cfgx file next into the profile that will be (or is) associated with the endpoints.

If you try to go with the Comodo Dome Shield, CCS (or any other AV products) is not required. Check out the Comodo Dome Shield help guide and wiki for more information on how to use it.

So what is the option that I included a screen shot for.
If its not to block stuff then what is the block feature for?

Hi @smartcloud
That is the older method similar to adding a firewall rule in the Windows Firewall (with a simpler interface). Have you checked if the ‘block’ firewall rule was added to the correct profile?

Hi Jimmy, will we be able to subscribe to online block lists, preferrably with regex rules (like Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, AdGuard filter lists)?

Hi @com1blaster
As of this time, we do not have any ‘final’ details on what will be included in the ‘centralized web filtering feature’. The closest that can be implemented will be like the Categories in the Comodo Dome Shield.

Dome Shield does this and quiet well.
Still has issues with some site management but it is getting there.

Hi @Rick_C , just curious, do you have any eta for this feature?

@com1blaster ,

No ETA as of yet. We’ll add you to the loop so we can keep you updated concerning the timeline of this feature.