Branding (anyone else unable to edit?)

Whenever I try to change the branding for acronis it says “Operation Forbidden”. Anyone have tips or pointers?

@Ilker @Nick

“Operation Forbidden” is still coming up!
Webinar said we should be able to edit it.

Hello @rhayes and @ymi.

We are of this issue and we are currently looking for a solution and
We will advise further as soon as possible.

Any progress in getting to the solution? This is still an open issue.

Hello @ymi ,

We are still looking for a solution on this matter and we will advise further as soon as possible.

@Ilker @Matthew

​Is the branding issue getting fixed in this update in December?

Hi @ymi

Yep, we will request some information for branding and do it for you. Our support team would reach you soon.