Will it be possible to brand the RMM Agent (icon, name, …)?

It is always possible :slight_smile: We just need to put that on priority list. Votes please:

Still really looking forward to the branding of the icon, Comodo url, and sicketing system. Any update.

Just to echo what I posted on your other post:
Indeed, the ‘whitelabeling’ feature was slated for Q2 2017 but the developers have decided to delay the implementation to Q3 2017. This is due to the developers’ focus on other feature requests that they deemed of higher priority.

The link above to doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @nct
The link you are referring to is for a near-2-year-old post. The poll set up then has already been closed. Need not worry as development for the ‘whitelabeling’ feature is currently underway.