"Browser Addons Manager" is great but could be more.

  1. Please allow for blacklisting so, if nothing else, it can auto-check previously selected items like garbage toolbars. Maybe even a server-side tracking of what % of us choose to remove it so that it could act as a recommendation when we come across one we’ve not seen before. Maybe, if an item has gotten removed so many times, an option to allow it to be auto-blacklisted so that the community can help each other’s systems stay clean.
  2. Once that’s done, allow it to be run as a Procedure (like we can do with Install Patch Manager). This would allow us a level of automation to remove browser-based junk
  3. Once that’s done, and at the risk of repeating a previous request, let us schedule and queue Procedures so they can run regularly without any interaction from us. True automated RMM.

Thank you, @PromptCare for your interest in our product! We have escalated this request to the development team.