Browser history report

Would it be possible to get a script that would pull browser history reports from the popular web browsers (chrome/firefox/ie/edge) on a PC and either email it or place it somewhere it can be downloaded? I occasionally have managers that are suspicious employees are not being productive. We use cDome Shield at the site level but that doesn’t give us individual user visibility. I’m not inclined at the moment to do local SSL inspection as it can break a bunch of things from past experience, so this would be great.

Hi @indieserve

Let us find the necessary browser APIs for this script and come up with updates.


I am also very interested in this, as this is always a handy feature.

Hi @indieserve and @BOSS,

Please use the script to get the Browser History Report to your Email IDs.

Please let us know your feedback for the procedure.

Thank you.

Tested and working, thanks again!