Bug - Create new customer's name

When you create new customer, customer’s name field is limited to 16 characters. When you are changing the name there is no limitation.

16 character limit is definitely to restrictive.

Best regards,

@msp_security ,

Our Development Team acknowledges this limitation and is working to create a longer character implementation on the portal in which all modules will be able to accept character additions. This is currently on our Long Term Roadmap Timeline. We will provide you an email notification upon its implementation. We thank you for your patience

This has been updated to 32 characters quite a while ago. Please inform if you face any other usability issue on this.

@Vadym are you responding to the last post from years ago or a new request ?

I can see your keen and trying to help, it’s great to have a staff member on the forum both reading and posting.

We are all just concerned that many requests or posts are not taken seriously or tend to get generic replies, like the good old “its on the roadmap”

If I was a driver following that map, I’d be lost and have nowhere to go.


Hello @mcfproservices
In this particular case I was referencing to the old post, yes.
Currently I am going through all the requests that are on forums and grouping and estimating them so that they can be delivered.
It was a big delay, I agree, and the majority of the requests are still valid. Hopefully by delivering them you and all other people will have better feeling about the platform.