BUG: DEP Profile Requires Username then Username Not Set

Here’s a bug I’ve found working with support who have told me to turn off Do Not Ask User Credentials in the Settings –> Apple DEP –> Profiles –> Settings
When I do that the UI enforces that I assign the profile to an existing MDM user. Which is an infuriating thought that you’d have to clone the profile for each user one intends to assign a device.

However, that frustrating possibility is replaced by a bug. When you add a user, then save the profile, then click into the Skip Setup Items tab, then click back to Settings, the user you just assigned the profile has been forgotten and is no longer displayed.

Are users required to be assigned in a profile (in which case the assigned user should be set & displayed)
Are users not required to be assigned in a profile (in which case the UI should stop enforcing)

Hello scott-payzer,

We apologize for the inconvenience. The issue has already been reported to our development team and they are working on it. We will update you on the support ticket you have created earlier.