Bug Fix Release

Hi Everyone,

We plan to have a bug fix release tomorrow. Here is the release notes:

Bug # Module Notes
  • CS-104
Patch Management MAC enrollment instructions are added.
  • CS-127
Patch Management Software inventories are listed for all agents
  • CS-107
Patch Management Third party package uploading is added.
  • CS-109
Service Desk All users have permission to view Tickets.
  • CS-128
Service Desk All users have permission to access Organizations.
  • CS-130
Service Desk All staffs can be viewed in staff directory
  • CS-135
Service Desk Tickets are marked overdue automatically after the grace period
  • CS-137
Service Desk Proper error message is shown when default help topic is disabled
  • CS-138
Service Desk UI fix for bubbles showing on dashboard screen
  • CS-139
Service Desk Disabled pages are not shown in page selection lists
  • CS-140
Service Desk Close, Reopen and Delete buttons are removed for paused tickets
  • CS-165
Service Desk UI improvement on disable page selection section
  • CS-200
Service Desk Enabled/disabled buttons on group page are now shown properly

Best regards,