Bug Fix Update over Service Desk and Patch Management

Hi everyone,

We released a bug fix update on Service Desk and Patch Management.
Bug Fixes

  • In SD, assigned tickets are shown in separate tab now
  • In SD, billable time for a ticket can be set as 0 h 0 min now
  • In PM, when a policy is created, total runs of policy increases properly now
  • In PM, delay in reflection of statuses for the enrolled machines is reduced
  • In PM, IE 11 cache related permission issues were fixed
  • In PM, now an error message is shown in case of invalid login credentials
  • In PM, policies run even if there is no agent but they do not create operation anymore
  • In PM, during Windows restart now "Comodo One Agent" is shown instead of "C4"
  • In PM, restart all option in Tag section works properly now
  • In PM, when an agent removed "Target agents are removed" message is shown on operation detail\
  • In PM, pending applications can be changed to hidden now

Thank you all for your great feedback on products and contribution to this community!