BUG - Products do not save price in full Create window but do in Quick Add

Hi this is the exact same problem as this user was having in this thread:

But this issue relates to Products. If you click on the Products Menu tab then click on ‘Add Product’ button it presents you with the full form for adding products.

Creating a product and entering the price either in the Unit Price field or clicking through to ‘more currencies>>’ and entering the price in any of the currency fields here then clicking save. When you check the product the unit price is 0.00.

If you click on the edit button and try and edit the product unit price then save the same problem occurs - the price goes back to 0.00.

Funnily enough if you click on the ‘Quick Add’ plus sign button on the top right menu and click on ‘Product’ and create the product and save it the price is saved fine.


We have escalated the issue to the appropriate department and we will get back to you via email with an update as soon as possible.

Looks like this is working now - many thanks!