Bug Report - Improper Rounding of nearest time increment

I have discovered that the time for a ticket is not rounding down based on the time increment and subsequent rounding rules. I.E. 1 mins should round to zero minutes and not the next increment up. Second I.E. for further clarification. Mine is set to 6 minute increments making .1 hours for each billing increment. If I spend 18 minutes and 9 seconds on a ticket it tries to charge 24 minutes of billable time. Maybe this is by design but a poor design as it requires people like me to manual edit the time down to exactly 18 minutes so that the client is not charged unfairly.

I am also pretty sure that this is not how it used to be. It used to round properly.

Hello @azon2111 ,

Thank you for the feed back. We have contacted you by email and will provide updates there.


We were always rounding to next increment since agents require time to adjust and change from topic to topic. So even if you actually spend 18 minutes 9 seconds, it doesn’t mean that this is the only cost to you. You can think of this rounding to next increment as buffer time between issues.

This is also consistent with market. Please let us know if you have any concern with this.

We are going to introduce more options on this next versions as well but you already have an option to set this increment at any amount like even 1 minute.


Thanks for the response but I am glad to see options as I round down regardless as it is not the job of the client to pay for what most would consider non-billable time (time between cases). Thank you.