Bulk clearing of notifications

How soon can we get bulk clearing of all notification at once? At the moment I believe it is limited to 10 and I have about 2400 which will take me forever to clear out all the notifications.

Hi @libretech, the feature to to be able to select all or increase the number of records to more than 10 per page to clear notifications currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Short-Term (3 to 6 months). A support ticket has been created for you, so we can update you should there be any changes.

We are a year later, I don’t see the bulk option. I’ve got 8000 alerts I need to clear.

22136 here.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Please click on the Notification symbol once you login to the portal. Click ‘Notifications’ tab. Check the box before the ‘Applications’ column menu and all the notifications will be selected on the first page. Also, the option to select all notifications (22136 notifications) will appear on the center of the page. Please click on ‘Select all 22136 notifications’ and then click ‘Clear’ button.