Bulk installation of EPM & AV on Mac

I’m trying out the free Itarian Endpoint Management suite. Seems fairly robust for a free suite. I’m trying to use the bulk installation package for the Mac. I’ve included the profiles, AV, and the communication client appears to be automatically included according to what I see in the console. However, when I install the package, the communication client does not appear to be installed on the Mac. I thought it was included in the bulk package? Therefore, the client does not show as online, only connected, in the console. Do I need to install the communication client anyway?

And there is no remote control agent either.

Hello @GJHorn-SWAW,

Prior to enrolling MAC and iOS devices, Apple Push Notification (APN) certificate needs to be installed first on your Endpoint Manager portal in order to communicate with iOS and Mac devices. For more information about how to add Apple Push Notification Certificate (APN), kindly refer to the help guide below:


As for the remote control agent, you may download it under tools.

Hope this information helps. Thank you.

Hello @AmyHD ,

Yes, that was the first thing I did before creating any new profiles or packages. Thanks.

Jerry Horn

Hi @GJHorn-SWAW ,

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